Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can access TestYourWings Notes/Practice Tests ?
Students, Parents, Teachers and/or competitive exam(i.e UPSC, TNPSC, etc) aspirants can access the notes and practice online tests to improve their knowledge and skills.

2. What are the Subjects/Topics available in TestYourWings ?
English Vocabulary(10th Grade Level) - Synonyms and Antonyms with details of simple sentence and context.
Mathematics(10th Grade Level) - Algebra and Trigonometry to understand the concepts in the form of pictorial representation and more tests for practice.

3. How do I Register ?
Click REGISTER button on the right top most corner and provide your name, email address, and phone number. An activation message will be sent to your email address for verification. Enter the details as requested in the registration form and set your own password. Your account will be activated after completing the registration process.

4. How do I login ?
Click LOGIN button and enter your registered email address and password.

5. Is it mandatory to login to access Notes and Online Tests ?

6. How do your online Notes/Tests help me ?

7. What is a Level of any specific test ?
The tests are classified into 3 different categories (Easy, Medium and Hard) based on complexity or time required to answer the questions.

8. How do I launch an online test ?
Select a class/subject, topic and click the level to launch a test.

9. Can I take online tests in regional languages other than English ?
Yes. TestYourWings supports many regional languages. At present, we have enabled the support of Tamil language for the benefit of students studying in their own mother tongue.

10. What is "My Wings"?
"My Wings" keeps a list of tests(free or paid) available for you.

11. Where do I see my test results ?
After logging into your account, click "Results". You can view the results of the completed tests.

12. Are your online tests based on any specific Board/Syllabus ?
We have added online tests based on Tamil Nadu board syllabus. We will cover other board syllabus going forward. You are encouraged to review the topic contents and access notes and take tests if its relevant for your board or competitive exams.

13. Does TestYourWings offer any certification courses ?

14. What are the hardware and software requirements to access your contents ?
A computer or Mobile with an Internet connection and a Web browser. Online Tests require free plug-ins that are available in most of the web browsers.You may need to enable pop-up if its not enabled by default.

15. I like your online test infrastructure and want to request for more tests. Whom should I contact ?
We are happy to hear your feedback and request. Please click Here.

16. How to contact TestYourWings for clarifications or to report any content related errors ?
TestYourWings Team has ensured the accuracy of the published contents. However, if you find any typos/errors related to the contents, please contact us.